About Us

Hospital Family Resource Centre is a voluntary led organisation based in South East Limerick offering activities, services and supports to individuals, families and groups in the area. With core funding provided by TUSLA it is one of 120 family resource centres which form a national community development and family support programme throughout Ireland.

The main object for which the company is established is: To operate the FRC for the benefits of the residents of East County Limerick in facilitating support, development, education and training for people experiencing disadvantage in the area.


  1. To provide a premises accessible to everyone in the wider community.
  2. To provide inclusive support, development and recreation opportunities for people in the target area.
  3. To promote social inclusion through community development.
  4. To provide support and training for management and staff.
  5. To network with other groups and agencies to seek to influence policy to achieve our goals.
  6. To raise awareness of and provide information on issues related to social exclusion in the area.
  7. To do all such things are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the company’s main objectives.

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