One-Off Training

We run a number of varied and valuable pieces of one off training on an on-going basis throughout the year. These training days are aimed at members of our community as well as other organisations operating in the region.

The following are a sample of the training programmes we have delivered:

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan workshop)
This morning session was delivered to encourage people to take care of their mental health and to be aware of steps one can take in order to manage their well-being.
SafeTalk (Suicide Intervention Programme)
This four hour workshop provided participants with the necessary skills and confidence to carry out an intervention in the event of encountering a person undergoing suicide ideation.
Occupational First Aid (FETAC Level 5)
Three day programme providing certification to persons working in organisations that provide services to the general public.
Addiction Awareness
Designed for young people, this two hour workshop seeks to generate constructive exploration around the issues relating to alcohol and drug consumption.
Social Media
Groups new to technology are introduced to facebook, twitter and skype through practical demonstration. The advantages and limitations of these technologies are outlines for each group.
This morning session with Andrew Hodgers was delivered to enable understanding of how our mind works and how we can control ourselves to encourage positive mental health.

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