Homework Support

My-Time After-Schools Childcare offers homework support to children in a supervised environment.

While each child will be provided with a quiet space and encouraged to do their homework, it is ultimately the parent’s/ guardians responsibility to ensure that their child has their homework completed for the following school day.

We do not sign children’s homework notebooks to say that work is completed.  This is done by the parent or guardian as requested by school teachers.

While staff will offer help and assistance to the children while doing homework, we cannot guarantee that all homework will be completed.  Children will be encouraged to do written homework first and then to do learning, e.g. tables, spellings.

Homework time is generally allowed between 3.30 and 4.30 pm.  Most children are well finished within this timeframe.  These times may vary.

The guidelines given by schools is that homework should take the following times:

0-10 mins
Junior infants
up to 20 mins
Senior Infants
up to 30 mins
1st class
up to 40 mins
2nd class
up to 50 mins
3rd class
up to 1 hour
4th class
up to 1 hour 15 mins
5th class

Up to 1 hour 30 mins
6th class

Different children will complete the same homework in different lengths of time.

We have a set period in which children do their homework to allow children rest, play and fun time after their busy school day.

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