Family Cookery

This six week cookery programme is aimed at parents and children of primary school age. Families come together weekly to learn to cook together meals that are fun and easy to prepare. 

Parents and their children get hands on in food preparation and cooking to learn basic cookery skills and to understand better how dishes come together using easy to follow recipes and ingredients. 

Parents and children are supported weekly by a trained Limerick Clare Training Education Board (LCETB) and funding for this project comes from the  Community Food Initiative under Ballyhoura Development CLG and costs towards weekly ingredients, family cookery folder and cooking materials supplied to families attending this programme.

  • Week 1 – Welcome and introductions & registration for course
  • Week 2 –  Information on Food Safety and Hygiene + easy cook family recipe
  • Week 3 –  Information on Healthy Eating guidelines + easy cook family recipe
  • Week 4 –  Information on Healthy Lunch Boxes + easy cook family recipe
  • Week 5 –  Information on How to read a food label & shopping guide + easy cook family recipe
  • Week 6 – Information on Food Waste & Food budgeting + easy cook family recipe

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